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I Need Help with My Bookkeeping in Stafford

Struggling with bookkeeping in Stafford? You're not alone. In this blog post, we'll explore the challenges many individuals and businesses face in managing their financial records, and we'll provide expert guidance on how to find the assistance you need to streamline your bookkeeping processes and regain control of your finances.

Force Accounting offers a complete Bookkeeping Service in Stafford:

We will:

  • Ensure all your Bookkeeping is compliant and reconciled

  • Give you a true vision of how your business is doing as you go

  • Allow you to focus on other areas of your business

  • Free up your time so you can do the things you love

  • Give you up-to-date, reconciled data for year-end, meaning you do not have to gather the information at year-end to send it to us.

  • Discount your year-end accounts, if we complete your Bookkeeping.

  • Future proof your Bookkeeping, so you are well prepared for the government plans to have all businesses using digital software for Bookkeeping.

How much does a Bookkeeping service cost?

Our Bookkeeping service is priced using our Bookkeeping pricing tool.  The fee is based on the quantity of Bookkeeping.   We hold a meeting to build a quotation together, so you are comfortable with the service and the fee.  All fees are fully transparent.

Ready to appoint a full Bookkeeping service? we will guide you every step of the way:

We have an easy to follow process.  We will guide you through the steps below.

Step 1Set Up the Software:

  • We will set up your Quickbooks licence, so you get the package at our discounted rate, rather than the market price.
  • We send an invite to you for the Quickbooks software.
  • We set up a licence for Auto Entry.  Auto Entry is an app you can put on your phone so you can photograph bills and send to us easily.
  • We also set up specific emails for you through Auto Entry, so you can send your purchases direct to us, if your suppliers send bills to you by email.

Step 2 Bookkeeping Service On Boarding Call:

Our on boarding Zoom call will get you completely prepared with all software and how to get the information to us.  We go through step by step:

  • How to accept the invite to Quickbooks, so you have access to your software. 
  • How to download the Auto Entry App onto your phone and how you use it to take photos of your receipts using your phone, so the receipts come through to us.
  • How you can forward bills to your bespoke email if you receive supplier bills by email, meaning you do not have to print and then take a photo with your phone.
  • How to connect your bank to Quickbooks Bank Feed and send us a copy of your bank statements monthly.
  • We make a plan of how you enter your sales invoices directly into Quickbooks and how you can email sales invoices directly to your clients, so you are not duplicating work.  We recommend that you enter your sales invoices directly into Quickbooks, so you can keep your sales and money coming into the business moving forward.

Step 3 Getting the information to us once everything is up and running:

Sales              -           We will see these within the Quickbooks as you enter the sales invoices directly into the package.

Purchases    -           After our on boarding session you will know how to:

  • Lay the receipt on a flat service
  • Open the Auto Entry App on your phone
  • Take a photo of the receipt from within Auto Entry
  • Press the upwards arrow and a copy of the receipt is sent to us.  There is no need for you to code or detail anything, it is just click and send.
  • Any supplier bills received by email can simply be forwarded to the bespoke email address we set up for you in Step 2.

Bank Statements - Send a copy of your bank statement monthly, we show you how to do this when we complete step 2.

Credit Card Statements - Send us a copy of your bank statement monthly, we show you how to do this when we complete step 2.

Step 4How we complete your Bookkeeping:

As we receive your data we will:

  • Enter Expenses as bills into Quickbooks, attaching a copy of the receipt to every entry that we have a receipt for.  This will mean you have a copy of the receipt to hand easily through the Quickbooks package, saving time in looking through paper files.
  • Mark all expenses as paid as we find them on bank/credit card statements,
  • Mark your sales invoices as paid as we see them coming through the bank (or we can show you how to complete this part if you prefer),
  • Reconcile Bank Statements to the entries in Quickbooks,
  • Reconcile Credit Card Statements to the entries in Quickbooks,
  • Send you an easy to follow query list of anything we need further clarification on,
  • Action the response you send to our queries.

Can VAT submissions also be included in the Bookkeeping package?

For VAT registered businesses, submitting the VAT return is part of our Bookkeeping package. We account for all VAT as we deal with every Bookkeeping entry.

When your VAT return is due, we will:

  • Advise you of how much your VAT liability/refund is,
  • Submit all VAT returns to HMRC on your behalf,
  • Keep on file HMRC acknowledgements for VAT returns received,
  • Mark VAT as paid once we see it on your bank statements.

How does the Bookkeeping service link with year-end accounts?

  • At year end we will already have all the bookkeeping information to hand,
  • We automatically book the work into our year end service once we reach your year end for accounts,
  • We complete the year-end accounts and tax calculations as per our normal year-end service.

Not ready to hand the full Bookkeeping process over, but need some training?

Get in touch and tell us where you are on your bookkeeping journey.  We also offer training sessions on Quickbooks Online to help you understand the package better.  Training sessions are a great tool if you have a knowledge of bookkeeping, but the Quickbooks package is new to you.

Would you like more information?

Would you like more information?

  • Just need some guidance on setting up Suppliers & Debtors in Quickbooks – download our free Quickbooks guide,

  • Need a helping hand just to get set up?

  • Ready for a full Bookkeeping Service?

Get in touch and share where you are, we will guide you on the best service to fit your needs.  


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