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How much does an Accountant cost?

Do we have a set price we can give over the phone?

We work with business owners who have a passion to grow their business.  Our service is a FORCE guiding you throughout the year, not just a calculator at the end of the year.  We take the time to get to know your business and work out a custom price based on what services you need. 

We hold an initial telephone conversation to find out what you are struggling with, followed by a free, no-obligation consultation so we can get to know you and your business needs.

We listen to your:

  • Needs
  • Dreams
  • Fears
  • Celebrations

We then build a bespoke Accounting package for your business.

How is a Bespoke Accounting Package created?

We use the leading accountants pricing tool - Go Proposal.  All pricing is honest and transparent, built in front of you while we chat.

Each service is clearly listed with a set price.  We go through each service highlighting its benefits, but we also guide you on the services you do and do not need.  We never sell a service we do not think you need.

Which services will I need to be compliant with tax?

This will depend on:

1. What type of business you are

  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership – How many Partners
  • Limited Company – How many Shareholders
  • Landlord – How many properties

2. If you employ staff - do you require payroll?

3. If you are you registered for VAT so will require VAT returns

4.  If you need company secretarial services for a Limited Company

Which services will help me build my dream?

  • Budgets & cashflow forecasting will help you to plan.
  • Management accounts will show you how your business is doing quarterly.
  • Pre year-end tax planning will help you make tax efficient decisions before the tax year has finished.

Which services will help overcome fears or time constraints?

  • Bookkeeping Software:

We will recommend the best QuickBooks package for your needs.

We purchase the software on our account for you so you benefit from our pro advisor discount pricing with QuickBooks. 

Provide our initial Co-pilot QuickBooks service so you are not fumbling in the dark.

  • Bookkeeping Services:

Every single business must keep accurate Bookkeeping records.  We can guide you if you wish to complete the Bookkeeping yourself, or we can complete the full Bookkeeping for you, freeing your time to run your business and taking away any fears of making errors.

Which services will help me achieve my goals so I can celebrate?

Successful Business Review

  • We seek to understand your goals
  • Set your targets
  • Create a plan
  • Check how you are doing

Will it be expensive?

No GOOD ACCOUNTANT is cheap, and No CHEAP ACCOUNTANT is good, but a good service should never feel expensive.  You should be receiving a service that works like a partnership with you.  Where you and your Accountant are working together to build your dream.  A service where you see and feel the value.  Our package will be built on the best service your business deserves.  We can add or remove services until you have a package that works perfectly for you.

What if I need a temporary helping hand?

Just pick up the phone….

We offer:

  • QuickBooks training
  • Ad-hoc meetings
  • Temporary Bookkeeping for sick cover (using QuickBooks & Auto Entry)
  • A safe space for you to tell us what you need

There is no “one solution fits all” but if we share the same values and you have the ambition to grow your business, together we will build an accounting solution that fits you.  

What are my next steps?

Contact us today for an initial telephone conversation and to discuss a free, no obligation initial consultation. 


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