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The Force Accounting journey

The nickname, PJ

My name is Parjit and for most of my youth everyone called me Parj. In 1999, I started my career in Accountancy after my first set of qualifications were completed. 

On my first day in my new career, as I was introduced to 1 new colleague after another, somehow along the morning introductions, I had been introduced as Parj, then Peej and by the time I stretched out my hand to meet the Managing Director Peej was translated to PJ. By the end of the week I was even referring to myself as PJ. 21 years later I am still PJ.

Why did I keep the name? Because it was given to me on the first day of my new career and "it made me feel empowered".

How our business journey began

My husband and I have 2 sons and we have always maintained our message to our boys ever since they were dinki dots:

“Build your dream, fly as high as you can and know that we are always the force that supports you, the light that guides you and the safety net that will catch you if you stumble. Reach for the stars knowing every step of the way, we’ve got you”

When I incorporated in 2012, I had already built a small portfolio of clients who trusted me and relied on me. The foundation of the message I gave to my clients was exactly the same as the one I use for my family. As my clients associated that message to me I named my business  PJK Accounting Ltd. 

PJ, as that was how everyone knew me and K for the first letter of my maiden name. I also thought the letters rolled off the tongue.

The move to Force Accounting

Running your own business can be exciting but it can also be a scary and lonely journey as you travel through the minefield. Running my own business, I travelled this very journey. 

As my company grew and developed, I was told on a number of occasions that our company name did not do justice to the service we provide. I decided at the very start of my journey that I did not want my company to be just the calculator that worked out the tax at the end of the year. Our service was easy to define, so in 2019 I changed my company name to Force Accounting.

“We are the Force that supports you, the light that guides you and the safety net that will catch you if you stumble. Build your dream and reach for the stars knowing every step of the way, we've got you.”

The exciting journey ahead

Revealing the new name to our clients was an amazing experience. Our clients already know our principles and our promise to them so having a name that matched our service was met with much support.  

Building your own business can be as scary as it is exciting and you deserve a true partnership throughout the full year, not just a calculator at the end of the year. In our testimonials, our clients confirm that we are truly building the Force of support and guidance that every business owner deserves.

For the team at Force Accounting, the new name reminds us of the commitment we have made to our clients. It gives us a feeling of excitement and makes us feel empowered as we support our clients through their journey. 

We can not wait to share the new name and branding with everyone.


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